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Bronze plaque on-line design wizard. D.I.Y. design tool.

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Bronze plaques are beautiful and last a lifetime. Their manufacture is part art and part science. Their design, is also, part art and part science. Our technology people, employing artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithms have taken the expertise of our plaque designers and created the only bronze plaque design tool in existence. It is 100% accurate, creates the smallest size design practical and offers bronze plaque designs that rival those created by our human designers. You can experiment and design your own bronze plaque in the comfort of your living room and when you see the design that pleases you, you can purchase it on our secure site. For your assurances, our human designers do review all purchased bronze plaque designs before they go into production.

The Wizard was not created to design all type of bronze plaques, especially those with complex artwork or photographs. That is what our human designers enjoy working on. Just use our form to request a quote.

According to our customers, our design Wizard is a lot of fun to use. Give it a try and let us know what you think. The Wizard is still learning so please answer our 3 question survey after you save your design.


Our design Wizard for bronze plaques is only available on larger screens.


Our Advanced Plaque Design Wizard is the most technically advanced tool in the industry to allow consumers to design their own cast plaque.