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Donor Recognition Plaques

Suggestions for Using Donor Recognition Plaques

Multi Plate Donor Recognition Plaque
Multi Plate Donor Recognition Plaque
Single Name Donor Recognition Plaque
Single Name Donor Recognition Plaque

Depending upon how they are used, either of these plaques can be considered 'Donor Recognition Plaques'

What are Donor Recognition Plaques?

There is no single item or design that is classified as a "donor recognition plaque". It is the use of the plaque that creates this definition. We could have large multi plate plaques where individuals are recognized via smaller plates or we could have a single plaque recognizine one donor. Or something in between. It is up to your organization to determine how donors will be recognized.

Bronze Multi Plate (Perpetual) Donor Plaques with Brass Plates

PRO: Adding names is very cost effective.
CON: High initial price, cannot be expanded.

These type of plaques are the ones most often associated with donor recognition. They can be created in almost any size with any number of individual plates. The names on the individual plates are engraved when needed. In order to use these type of plaques, you should know the maximum number if individual names you will be needing. Once the main plaque is filled with names, the only options are to create additional large plaques similar to the original.

Cast Bronze Donor Plaques with Images

PRO: Very effective in recognizing people.
CON: Price.

Images truly personalize a plaque. Photographic prosesses such as color tile, low relief casting and halfton are 100% photographically accurate. Bas relief sculpting, on the other had, use the tallents of a human sculptor to create the model for casting the image. The bas relief is raised 1/2" to 3/4" above the survface of the plaque.

Bronze Tree Shaped Donor Plaques

PRO: Effective in recognizing small groups.
CON: Limited to small groups or requires multiple tree plaques.

These tree shaped plaques are great at recognizing groups of people. All of the leaves are provided with the plaque and engraved, by the purchaser, as needed. These tree shaped plaques are limited to 3 sizes; 7 leaves, 10 leaves and 19 leaves.

Larger / Ornate Donor Plaques

PRO: Very effective in recognizing groups of people.
CON: Names can not be added

These plaques are perfect to give as gifts to larger donors. They can also be mounted on walls in your organization with a list of names of people being recofnized. As shown on these images, we can optionally include your company logo as part of the plaque.

Bronze Individual Donor Plaques / Name Plates

PRO: Very cost effective
CON: Typically limited to a single name

These plaques can be used individually or in groupings to recognize individuals. The scre-on plates are typically added to larger 'perpetual' donor plaques.