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Veterans memorial plaque with low relief image cast in bronze


This bronze plaque shows a detailed photographic image superimposed on the American Flag.  It is an ideal and cost effective way of obtaining a life like representation of a subject and adding 'character' to otherwise flat bronze plaques. Low relief images cast in bronze are less expensive then the sculpted bas relief models, but as seen in the image, the 'height' that the image is raised from the background is significantly less than a bas relief - which is typically 3/4". Another advantage of this process over the sculpted bas relief image is that this method is a photographic method as opposed to involving a human sculptor who incorporates 'artistic license' in the sculpting.

We are honored to have created this plaque for a true American hero.

Image technique used on this plaque

This plaques uses a photographic technique to create a low relief bronze image.

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Bronze Veterans Memorial Plaque with low relief Image
Bronze Veterans Memorial Plaque
for U.S. Soldier
Using Low Relief in Bronze