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Small Donor Recognition Trees

19 leaf small donor recognition trees
19 Leaf
Small Donor Recognition Tree
Bronze plaque with 'forest' of small donor recognition trees
Bronze Plaque with
Forest of Small Donor Recognition Trees


Small donor recognition trees

These small donor recognition trees are cast entirely of bronze and can be used as donor trees or for personal use as family keepsake trees. As donor trees, they can be combined with recognition plaques and assembled into a 'forest' with the names of the donors on the leaves. As family trees, an image of the family member can be incorporated on a tile mounted to the center of the tree.

All of these donor trees are provided with the full amount of leaves attached.  The mounting hardware, which is always boss and stud, are also provided.  Leaves are only available in the color shown.  These trees are for interior mounting only.

The leaves on these trees are much smaller than the leaves on our larger donor trees and therefore, engraving area is very limited. It is best to have one or two lines of engraving; a single line with a name or two lines, such as a name and a date under the name.



Large engravable 'stone' for donor trees
Engraveable 'Stone'
7-1/2" by 5"
Cast Bronze 'stone' for donor trees
Cast Bronze
'Stone' 12" by 8"
Small engravable 'stone' for donor trees
Engraveable 'Stone'
5-1/2" by 3-1/2"

Small Leaf
Small Leaf
Large engravable plate for donor trees
Engraveable Plate

Engraving of leaves can be handled by most local trophy shops. Each leaf typically holds 3 lines of text. For best appearance, leaves should be engraved on a rotary engraver and anodized.