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Donor Recognition Tree Model DRT-04
125 French curve leaves - expandable canopy
Expands to 175 leaves or 325 leaves

Single Trunk Donor Tree with bronze stones
Similar model shown
Trunk is the same
Canopy Shape / Size may differ


Donor recognition tree with single bronze trunk, cast bronze stones and expandable canopy

This donor recognition tree model DRT-04 has a single bronze trunk, cast bronze stones and comes with 125 leaves and can be expanded to 175 leaves or 325 leaves. It has non-engravable decorative 'stones' cast integral with the trunk base. It uses 'French curve' leaves.

All of our donor recognition trees are provided with the leaves attached to the clear acrylic canopy with 2 screws on each leaf. All required mounting hardware, as well as a paper mounting template, is also included. Leaves can be provided in up to 3 different colors; brass, aluminum and copper for different levels of giving. The tree canopy is manufactured from 1/4 inch thick clear acrylic sheet and, when installed, projects 1 inch from the wall.

The trunk of this tree is 4 inch thick cast bronze and weighs about 65 pounds.

THE STONES ON THIS TREE DO NOT HAVE AN ENGRAVING PLATE. You may purchase accessory 'stones' if desired.

Mounting Location

This tree is for interior mounting only.


DRT-04 model: 125 Leaves
Expands to 325 leaves with optional canopies
Single Bronze Trunk
2 cast decorative 'stones'
Uses 'French curve' leaves


Our Price: $CALL
You will save: At least 35%

(*) NOTE: The above picture shows this model tree using 'straight' leaves and the images below show the dimensions. The first image below shows the cast bronze trunk. The second image below shows the leaf used on this tree. The third image shows the outline drawing of the canopy used with this donor tree, Model DRT-04. The final fabricated product may vary slightly from the images.


Model DRT-04 donor tree bronze single trunk
Single Trunk
Model DRT-04 donor tree leaf
French curve leaf
Model DRT-04 donor tree dimensions
DRT-04 Dimensions



Large engravable 'stone' for donor trees
Engraveable 'Stone'
7-1/2" by 5"
Cast Bronze 'stone' for donor trees
Cast Bronze
'Stone' 12" by 8"
Small engravable 'stone' for donor trees
Engraveable 'Stone'
5-1/2" by 3-1/2"

See these and other accessories for this model tree.

WE DO NOT DO ENGRAVING. Engraving of leaves can be handled by most local trophy shops. Each leaf typically holds 3 lines of text. For best appearance, leaves should be engraved on a rotary engraver and anodized.