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Cast Letters - Century Bold Font

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These cast metal letters are created by pouring molten metal, such as bronze or aluminum into sand molds.  They are available in 34 standard letterstyles as well as custom fonts (the cast letter style you selected is shown below).  Custom cast letters can be created in virtually any font.  In addition to the standard flat faced cast letters, prismatic and round face letters are also available.


Cast Letter Font - Century Bold
Image of letters in cast letter font Century Bold
Only the styles (upper case, lower case, numbers) shown above are available in this cast letter font.

This font HAS upper case letters.
This font HAS lower case letters.
This font HAS numbers.


These Century Bold cast letters are available in the following 7 heights.

The dimensions of the letters of this font are shown in the table below;

Capital Letter Height is the NOMINAL height measured from the top to the bottom of an upper case letter, other letters and punctuation are proportionately sized (*), each font is different. Some letters are taller than others even though the height is listed as the same - this is the nature of a font face,

Stroke Width is the width of each 'arm' of a letter,

Average Letter Width is the average width of all of the letters in this font (A-Z / 26). It is used to determine the APPROXIMATE length of a line of letters,

Depth of Letter is the thickness of each letter.

2 3/8 1-9/16 1/4
3 9/16 2-1/2 1/4
4 3/4 4-1/4 1/4
6 1-1/16 4-7/8 3/8
8 1-1/2 6-1/4 3/8
10 1-7/8 8 3/8
12 2-1/4 9-5/8 1/2


(*) AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT LETTER HEIGHT:  Letter height is the 'nominal' height of the character.  Some characters are larger and some characters are smaller.  Lower case letters are about 66% the height of the uppercase letters of the same font.  What this means: if you select all uppercase letters of 10" height, some will be 10" but others may in fact be larger (10.5", 11", etc.) or smaller(9:, 9.5", etc).  If you select 10" letters of mixed case, the lower case letters will be about 6.6" in height and the upper case letter will be NOMINALLY 10".

Please select a nominal letter height and letter finish

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Cast Letters - Mounting Methods
Please select the method you plan to use for mounting these cast letters. Flush and projected mounting incur no added cost.

 Stud Length

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Delivery Location
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