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Bronze pet and animal theme memorial plaques

Photo gallery of pet and animal theme memorial plaques

Below are images of some of our designs of bronze plaques featuring our animal friends. Each plaque is custom manufactured to your specifications.

The plaque featuring butterflies is using a flat relief technique for the image. We can create virtually any image you desire.

The dog and bird plaques are using sculpted bas relief patterns. We can create any model you desire, but it is far more cost effective if you utilize on of our stock patterns.

Sculpted dog head emblemAny of our cast plaques can include one or more of our animal figures such as the one shown at the left. See other images here.

Each end every plaque is custom made and designed to your requirements using your words and any image you request, please call us at the number on our Contact Us page for assistance and to let us know what you would like to see on your plaque. If you want a plaque with a different design than those shown, feel free to either use our design it yourself wizard, or request a custom quotation.

If you will place your plaque in a pet cemetery, before purchasing, please check with the cemetery association if they will allow you to install a plaque that you purchase elsewhere.

Plaque Sizes

Pet and animal theme memorial plaques are available in any size you request. They can be attached to outdoor structures and can be free standing and use stake mounts or back post mounts.

Pet and Animal Theme Memorial Plaque Materials

These plaques can be cast in either bronze (for outdoor use) or aluminum (for indoor use). Bronze will last indefinitely in an outdoor setting while aluminum does not have the longevity of bronze in an outdoor setting such as a cemetery. All plaques are finished with a baked on polyurethane coating to assure they will continue to retain their 'like new' look for many years. Alternately, you can request 'no clear coat' and a bronze plaque will age and attain the bluish green patina that is seen on many older bronze plaques. Aluminum plaques will NOT gain a patina.

Mounting Pet and Animal Theme Memorial Plaques

We customarily provide these plaques with hidden boss and stud mounting. Free standing plaques are provided with stake mounts or back post mounts. They are available with other mounting hardware as explained here.. Since these plaques are made of bronze, our mounting hardware is brass based to avoid corrosion.