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Multi Plate Bronze Plaques - Perpetual Bronze Plaques - Perpetual Plaques

These perpetual plaques have one design element in common - they have removable plates. Some of these removable plates are made of brass and are engraved at the time they are needed. Others use cast bronze screw on nameplates that are cast when the time arises. The main plaque though is cast from bronze and sized and drilled to accommodate the number of removable nameplates that are envisioned.

Depending upon how these multi plate bronze plaques are utilized, they may be referred to many different names;

Dedication Plaque - if the main plate refers to a dedication of something such as a church, synagogue, school, etc then the plates could contain the names of the individual or corporate donors,

Award Plaque - if you are giving out an annual award, then like in the dedication plaques, the removable plates would contain the name of the award recipient and possibly the year of the award,

Memorial Plaque - When used as a memorial plaque, names of individuals with their date of birth and date of death would typically be included.

Perpetual Plaque - This term serves as a generic catch-all for the use of these multi plate bronze plaques. There is an unlimited number of uses for these plaques. Our designers can assist you achieve your goal.

Since all of our bronze plaques are custom deigned, we can create any size plaque containing any number of plates.  All are cast of the highest quality bronze and finished with a baked on polyurethane coating to assure they will continue to retain their 'like new' look for many years.

If you do not see a plaque that you want on this page, please click here to go to our bronze plaque quotation form where you can describe what you desire or call us at the number on our Contact Us page for assistance.