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National Register Plaques

also known as

National Register of Historic Places Plaques

National Register Plaques are placed on buildings and in places that are listed in the National Register of Historical Places. Below are images of some of the more frequently used wordings and designs for these plaques.

Plaque Sizing Options

Some of our National Register plaques (mostly the more elaborate designs) are fixed size - that is, they are cast from an existing pattern. These ornate fixed size plaques are more cost effective than other designs but the text must fit on the standard sizes available. Others, can be manufactured in any size that you require.

Wording Options

These plaques are available with any wording you request. If you ARA looking for a National Register Plaque, we can off this guidance; When we last looked, the National Park Service web site stated, "As far as phrasing is concerned, the National Register has no formal requirements or suggestions..." Therefore, we are pleased to customize your plaque with the text you desire. We do recommend that if you are purchasing a plaque describing listing in a local register of Historic Places, that you verify the plaque wording that they may require.

Some of the images use the phrase "This Property Has Been Placed On The National Register of Historical Places". Others use the phrase "This Property Has Been Listed In The National Register of Historical Places". It is up to you as to which phrasing you prefer.

Mounting National Register Plaques

So as not to affect the decorative images on these National Register plaques and to provided added security, we customarily provide them with hidden boss and stud mounting. They are also available with other mounting hardware. Mounting instructions as descriptions of other available mounting hardware is available here.

Purchasing National Register Plaques

These plaques are available for purchase at our on line store.

National Register Plaques

Custom National Register Plaques

For custom National Register Plaques, please use our quote form to request pricing.