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The differences between bronze plaques and engraved plaques

cast bronze name platebronze plaques (such as the cast bronze nameplate shown on the left) are created from molten bronze alloy and are solid bronze - typically 3/8" to 5/8" thick.  They are used for both indoor and outdoor applications and last forever.  There are two levels to the plaque - raised and background.  In this example, the text is raised and the background is not.raised. A bronze plaque around the size of a standard sheet of paper will cost around $500 (text only) and hold about 160 characters.

engraved dedication boardAn engraved plaque is used for indoor applications ONLY and is typically presented to a recipient as an award.   An engraved plaque around the size of a standard sheet of paper is cost effective and can hold over 350 characters. When a group of individuals are honored in the installation of a cast plaque, these engraved plaques can be made to duplicate the text and graphics on the bronze plaque and be presented to each individual as a 'take home' award.