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Bronze plaques can be designed with many types of image treatments

Including an image or images on bronze plaques increases the 'richness' of the finished plaque.  Thanks to current technology, the only limit for an image on a plaque is your imagination and budget.  The prices for including images range from about $35 for a stock emblem to $2000 for a custom sculpted bas relief. This is in addition to the price of the plaque. Adding an image may make the plaque larger and therefore more expensive.

In the following sections we show examples of bronze plaques using each of 8 types of image treatments in decreasing order of expense and production time. Image treatments are custom made from a photograph you provide. 

  •  Custom sculpted bas relief - Hand sculpted by an artist and cast in bronze or aluminum
  •  ImagedPlaxx© - 3 dimensional photographic process in cast bronze or cast aluminum
  •  ColorPlaxx© - Color photographic process on cast bronze
  •  Ceramic Tile - Color or Monochrome photographic process on ceramic
  •  Flat Relief Portrait - Artist drawn and cast in bronze or aluminum
  •  Halftone image - Monochrome photographic image on metal
  •  Custom logos - Custom designed and cast in bronze or aluminum
  •  Standard emblems - Select from our list of standard stock emblems and cast in bronze or aluminum

Sculpted Bas Relief in bronzeSculpted Bas Relief

The sculpted bas relief (pronounced bah - like the sound a sheep makes) is considered the top of the line method for representing the image of an individual.  Depending upon the subject, the bas relief can be raised as much as 1" above the surface.

Our sculptors create a clay model from a photograph you provide.  Once the clay model is complete, we email you an image of the clay for comment or approval.  Once approved, the clay is converted into a resin pattern which is then used in the casting process. The process is described, with photographs, here.

Although we have done guaranteed 10 day rush production of plaques containing a bas relief, we recommend allowing 10+ weeks giving you time to review the sculpting and request changes, if needed.

Adding a bas relief to bronze plaques adds an estimated $2000 to the price of a plaque.

Click any image to see a larger picture of that bronze plaque with bas relief images.

Plaque with low relief imageImagePlaxx©

ImagePlaxx© -   combine a photographic process with the art of casting.  Multiple images can be combined (as shown on the image to the left) to create an artistic presentation.

The image on this plaque is slightly raised in a 3 dimensional manner (as opposed to the letters that are raised to a uniform FLAT height above the background).

The advantage of ImagePlaxx© is in the accuracy of the recreation of the photographic subject as well as lower cost as opposed to the 'artistic interpretation' and expense of a sculpted bas relief (see below).

Adding a ImagePlaxx© to bronze plaques may add an estimated $1000 to the price of a plaque.

Click any image to see a larger picture of that bronze plaque with low relief images.


Bronze plaque with color imageColorPlaxx©

ColorPlaxx© -   is the ideal method to represent artwork that requires color.  This method uses CMYK color representation so unlike many other color techniques, true while color can be realized.

As shown in the example on the left, military insignias as well as corporate logos that require color for proper presentation are ideal candidates for this technique.

Click any image to see a larger picture of that bronze plaque with color images.


Cast Bronze Plaque with color tile and service badgeCeramic Tile

Ceramic Tile -   A color or monochrome ceramic portrait uses a ceramic blank as its base material. A photograph is scanned at high resolution and a digital transfer is produced and applied to the ceramic. A clear glaze is applied over this transfer, and the ceramic piece is cured in a kiln. The resulting product is an exact permanent photographic reproduction on a ceramic base. This product is suitable for interior or exterior applications on bronze plaques.

Click any image to see a larger picture of that bronze plaque with ceramic tile images.

Bronze plaque with flat relief face of manFlat Relief Portrait

Flat Relief Portrait -   is created by our artists from a provided photograph.  The raised surface is raised to the same flat height as that of the raised letters.

Since this method utilizes the talents of an artist, there is a degree of artistic interpretation that is not present in any of the photographic processes.

Adding a flat relief portrait may add an estimated $150 to $500+ to the price of a plaque depending upon the size and complexity of the subject.

Click any image to see a larger picture of that bronze plaque with flat relief images.

Bronze Plaques with Multiple Halftone ImagesHalf-Tone
Metal Photo Image

Half-Tone Metal Photo Image -    is produced on a aluminum sheet that is then affixed to the plaque with an epoxy adhesive.  The image is produced as a permanent black image on the plate.

This technique is recommended when the artwork is very detailed or the image itself does not have a lot of contrast - such as in old photos - as in our sample on the left. It can also be used with any image that can be represented in shades of black and white such as people, buildings, places and logos that can not be represented in pure black and white.

This method can be used in interior and exterior applications on bronze plaques (as opposed to the etched halftone that can only be used indoors).

Adding a halftone image may add an estimated $150 to the price of a plaque.

Click any image to see a larger picture of that bronze plaque with half tone images.


Round highly polished bronze plaqueCustom Logos

Custom Logo can be represented in multiple manners depending upon the logo details, the desired effect and your budget.

Flat relief logos (as shown on the left) are made of lines and surfaces raised the same height as the raised text.  Therefore, it is recommended only for artwork that can be represented in pure black and white (no shades of color).

Adding a custom logo can add an estimated $200+ to the price of a plaque, depending upon the complexity of the logo and the format in which the artwork is provided to us.

Click any image to see a larger picture of that bronze plaque with logos.

Bronze plaque with sculpted dog modelStandard Emblems

Standard Emblems -   The most cost effective manner in which to incorporate an image is by using a standard emblem that may be available as a flat relief or sculpted bas-relief.

We have over 9,000 standard emblems including many civic and fraternal organizations, religious groups, government agencies, and armed services. These emblems are often available in different sizes to fit different size bronze plaques.

Adding a standard emblem to a bronze plaque may add an estimated $35 additional.