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How to take the warp out of bronze plaques


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Sometimes bronze plaques warp. That is, they develop a bow, a bend, a curve. Even though it is inspected before being packaged for shipment, it is possible that it can develop this bow while in transit. How can this happen? When molten bronze is poured into the pattern, stresses are set up in the metal (the plaque itself). When the plaque cools, it can bow and when that happens, we have a chance to flatten the plaque before it ships. But sometimes, this bowing is delayed. It is flat when it leaves, the stresses in the metal are at play and the plaque bows. This happens VERY rarely but when it does happen, it can be quite annoying.

If the plaque arrives with the bow, you are free to contact us and we will pick it up and flatten it. Sometimes, from being dropped in shipment, it can arrive back at the plant, already flat.

If you wish to save some time, have some fun and try flattening it yourself, it is actually quite simple and don't worry, if by some chance you do damage the plaque (NOT VERY LIKELY), we will pick it up and fix it up - no cost to you.

We will shortly have a video of the process but in the mean time, what you are going to do is drive your car or truck over the plaque. Here are the steps;

  1. Assuming you have a flat driveway, cover an area with cardboard or a lot of newspaper so the plaque does not sit directly on the cement,
  2. Place the plaque with the concave side down on the paper - this means the 'arch' is facing up,
  3. Put a thin wedge, like a wooden yardstick under the 2 opposite sides of the plaque - these would be supporting what we see as the 'high' side of the plaque,
  4. Cover the top of the plaque with cardboard or a lot of newspaper,
  5. Drive your vehicle onto the paper covering the plaque. DO NOT TURN YOUR WHEEL OR YOU WILL RIP THE PAPER AND HARM THE PLAQUE.
  6. When you drive off the plaque, if it is not yet flat, use thicker wedges and drive over it again.

This is the same principle we use when flattening bronze plaques. We use a pneumatic press to apply weight to the center of the plaque. You are using your car or truck to do the same.


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