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How to mount bronze plaques in concrete


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There are multiple factors to consider when mounting bronze plaques in concrete walks such as;

  1. Will people walk on the plaque?
    1. Bronze is a soft alloy (88% copper). Over time, it will wear.
    2. If it will be walked upon, a clear coat will wear off unevenly. Possibly consider no clear coat.
    3. Letters can be cast raised or incised. Either way, the uneven levels could cause a tripping hazard.
  2. Do you have adequate time before pouring to wait for the plaque to be manufactured?
    1. When bronze in cast, it can shrink up to 1/8" over every 12 inches. The thickness may also vary slightly between plaques. This makes is difficult to place a form in the wet concrete if the plaque is not available. An option is to make the form larger and thicker than the plaque and then use a grout around and behind the plaque to take up any slack.
    2. We recommend using boss & stud mounting. The studs projecting from the back of the plaque can be set into the wet concrete if you can wait for the plaque BEFORE poring the concrete.
    3. If need be, we can manufacture bronze plaques in as little as 5 days but the cost is double the cost of standard production.


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