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Donor Recognition Ideas; donor trees, recognition plaques and walls

Donor Recognition Ideas | Wall with Small Engraved Stones
Donor Recognition Ideas | Wall with Small Engraved Stones
Donor Recognition Ideas | Wall with Small Trees and Plaque
Donor Recognition Ideas | Wall with Small Trees and Plaque

Donor Recognition

When you need to offer a special THANK YOU to your donors, we offer the recognition products and skillful knowledge to help you achieve your donor recognition requirements. All of our products are meticulously made. The trunks of our donor trees are hand finished. Bronze plaque surfaces are hand belted and the face of the etched plaques are all hand inspected and finished. They are worthy of the largest donor and they are also cost effective to thank small gift givers. Our products can also be used as a money raising centerpiece for your organization while honoring those that give.

Donor Recognition Programs

Our designers will work with you in designing a custom program that fits both your needs and your budget. We have cast bronze and cut brass trees, both large and small that will satisfy every one of your requirements. Plaques are made of various metals such as; copper, bronze, brass, and stainless steel and they can be etched and mounted on a wall providing a pleasing color palate of small plaques for multiple donors and different levels of giving. Call us today and let's get started. See our ContactUs page for details.

Donor Recognition Trees

These trees are known by many names depending on their usage; Donor Trees, Contributor Recognition Trees, Memorial Trees, or Tree of Life are some of the examples in use today. These trees can be used for fundraising or as a means for recognizing those people that have contributed to the well being of your organization. The trees come in many sizes to fit your organizations needs in terms of both budget and taste. Some are designed to expand with growing needs or to attract new donors. The trees come in both traditional and contemporary models to fit your decorating environment.

View our wide selection of donor recognition trees.

Donor Recognition Plaques

The donor wall is where we place the names of the individual supporters of our goals. This can be accomplished using the leaves of large donor trees, small cast bronze plaques or larger bronze plaques upon which we mount engraved name plates. The choice is up to the designer of the overall donor project. Let us assist in achieving your goals.

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