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Ornate Bronze Award Plaques

Photo Gallery of Ornate Bronze 'Award' Plaques

When giving an award to achievers, give one that is worthy of the accomplishments you are recognizing. The beauty and dignity of an ornate cast bronze award plaque is unsurpassed and makes the perfect recognition award.

These fine solid bronze plaques are only available without the walnut plaque backing. The artwork and text on each of these award plaques is customized to your requirements.

The dimensions shown on each plaque below are approximate.

Walnut precentation plaque shown as a purchaser added option. We do not provide walnut plaques.

Mounting Ornate Bronze Award Plaques

We have instructions for mounting ornate bronze 'award' plaques here. The purchaser is responsible for mounting these plaques. The image shows one mounting option - a walnut presentation plaque. Another option is to use 2 short machine screws and picture wire to hang the plaque on a wall.

Remember, order well in advance of your recognition function and allow at least 4 weeks for production.