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Veterans Memorial Plaques

Our Veteran memorial plaques are designed to both honor and memorialize our veterans. As shown below, we have both 100% customized designs, as well as sets of 'standard' designs 'In Memory of ...'. All can be cast in either bronze or aluminum. Many alreast contain 3 dimensional sculpted bas relief scenes.  The standard 'In Memory of...' plaques, are fabricated in only one size - 36" wide by 24" tall.  If you select one of these standard plaques, you can choose from our standard text or we can assist you in creating your own custom words of tribute. There is no additional charge to use this service.

These veterans plaques are ideal as a fundraisers for veterans organizations or civic groups. They are ideal for placement in town, city and village parks, town squares, hospitals, churches, cemeteries, and veterans tribute walls.

Each plaque shown below is available for purchase from our on line store.

Unique Design Veterans Memorial Plaques

Cast Bronze Veterans Memorial Plaques 'In Memory Of ...'

Cast Aluminum Veterans Memorial Plaques 'In Memory Of ...'

Each of the cast bronze and aluminum veterans memorial plaques shown above are available for purchase from our on line store.