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Creation of a bas relief sculpting for plaques

Bronze plaques containing hand sculpted 3 dimensional images are the ultimate vehicle for honoring or remembering individuals.

We never use 'generic' bas relief models. Each model is hand sculpted from scratch using the photograph you provide. If the original photograph you provide is inadequate in any way, our artist will work with you to redraw the photograph. Once you are satisfied, our sculptor will commence the clay modeling process and after you review an image of the model and either approve it or request changes, it is cast in bronze and becomes a part of your plaque.

The images show the original photographs as provided by our customer and the results of the sculptors efforts. We consider our sculptor to be one of the best and most talented in the industry. The accuracy with which the details are captured are extraordinary.


Original photograph used for bas modeling - Example 1

Image of clay model for bas casting - Example 1


Original photograph used for bas modeling - Example 2

Image of clay model for bas casting - Example 2


Original photograph used for bas modeling - Example 3

Image of clay model for bas casting - Example 3


Here, we describe the steps involved in the creation of a 3 dimensional sculpting for use on a cast plaque. Since we utilize our own graphic artists and sculptors, when required for special dedication dates, we can create a cast plaque containing this type of bas relief in as little as 6 days from start to finish (the normal schedule we recommend is 8 to 12 weeks). We have done this numerous times, especially for military customers and although this is a very risky and aggressive schedule, we have had 100% satisfactory results. Click on any image to see a larger photograph.


Bas process - original photograph for modelingStep 1 - We start with a photograph. Although we can use almost any quality photograph, the better the image, the better the modeling effort. Remember, the finished image will be an artists interpretation of this photograph.


Bas process - clay image presented to customerfor approvalStep 2 - Our sculptor creates a clay model of the subject from the photograph. This is NOT a computer generated image. It is done by a sculptor. An image of this clay model is sent to you for your comments or approval.


Bas process - actual bronze castingStep 3 - When approved, the clay model is used for the bronze casting process. While the clay model is a monotone, the finished bronze casting contains highlights as shown on the left.